F&I Products

Dealership Academy is pleased to be able to offer F&I Products for your dealership.  All active members of Dealership Academy can obtain products backed by the most financially secure providers in our industry.  Selling products through our partners can also provide your store with Dealership Academy training at no charge.  If you’d like to earn free training for your store, by selling products that you already sell, then be sure to call us at 800-248-4258.

Products are offered through Galt Enterprises, Inc. and ServiceGuard Systems, Inc.

Products Available:

  • Service Contract
  • Prepaid Maintenance Protection
  • Tire & Wheel Protection
  • Theft Protection
  • GPS Theft Recovery
  • UTD (Universal Theft Deterrent)
  • GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection)
  • Credit Life, Accident & Health Insurance
  • Appearance Protection
  • Certified Warranty